Innovative IP Portfolio Brokerage

We provide pharmaceutical and bioceutical patent sellers and inventors with a fair market price and fast cash payments - usually within 90 days of receiving your offer to sell.

DD İnvestment  delivers guaranteed value today for your patent assets with lower transaction costs for both buyers and sellers of patent assets.

Time is money, especially for patent sellers. Monetization through litigation is inefficient and risky. DD’s market-based approach produces faster and more certain payment for the value of your invention. The litigation-centric model for monetizing patent value takes years, has massive third-party costs, and is rife with uncertainty. After contingency fees, only 10 to 20 percent of a litigation settlement is typically left for the patent owner.

DD Investment has dramatically simplified the patent-selling process. Rather than approaching dozens of companies that you think might be using your technology, you only need to contact DD. We conduct every transaction quickly and cash payments go directly to you. Selling to DD Investment guarantees you will receive 100% of the value of your patent.