Group Management

Deniz Cem Toptaş

Authorised Representative

Marjorie Van Nerum

Director, Marketing

Chirag Sharma

Director, Strategy

Advising Committee

Erdal Can Alkoçlar

Inventor, Scientist

Kemal Kaplanoğlu

Content Acquisition


DD Investment seeks to adopt leading practice, contemporary governance standards and apply these in a manner consistent with its culture and values.

What We Believe
Whether you want to boost an idea, a capability, or the world at large, DD Investment is with you every step of the way. 

We excel in the business of human potential, and believe in its power to shape strategic, organizational, economic, societal change, and beyond. We are proud of everything we have achieved.

At DD Investment, we know our future will be even brighter than our past.

We strongly believe in the principle of sustainability and therefore we are aware that the control and choice of our suppliers are of key importance for a business activity focusing on sustainability.

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We are a highly respected international company that enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world.

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