Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer

Innovation is a key word throughout the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare community and its pursuit is a business imperative for Pharma.

Pharma urgently needs to produce innovative new therapies if it is to overcome its critical, long-term challenge, ie the revenue gap produced by the industry’s failure to develop sufficient, new, patent-protected medical therapies to offset the revenues lost as existing products lose their patent protection.

DD Investment is firmly committed to supporting R&D at the research bench. Its project teams identify common use cases, establish best practices, define user requirements, create proofof- concept implementations, signpost standards, and offer thought-leading perspectives on how precompetitive collaboration can lower barriers to innovation.

Our members are committed to encouraging expert, external, systems suppliers to provide hosted, secure, shared resources to support R&D processes in the precompetitive domains of the life science R&D industries

Bioceutical Technology Transfer

Bioceutical Technology transfer is going to play a crucial role in success. Companies who thrive are likely to be those that place bold bets and wait patiently for results.

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