DD Investment established by a trustworthy team developing upon our 20-year vast experience and commitment to supply quality solutions that satisfy the needs of all of its customers.

Our strategic location within the European Union is well positioned to act as the ideal bridge-link between mainland Europe and Central Mediterranean Countries, with a particular focus on accessing those emerging markets.

Through strategic business partnerships established in co-operation with reputable and prominent international companies, we are able to provide various solutions in the following fields:


Content Acquisition

Our company is the leading local content acqusition company that purchases worlwide rights for Motion Pictures and TV series and shorts produced locally around the World.

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Technology Transfer

DD Investment specializes in creating value from new technologies and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

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Innovative IP Portfolio Brokerage

We provide pharmaceutical and bioceutical patent sellers and inventors with a fair market price and fast cash payments - usually within 90 days of receiving your offer to sell.

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Scientific Asset Management

Recent legal developments have greatly increased the value and importance of scientific intellectual property (SIP), as well as the risks to those who trespass on the intellectual property rights of others.

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Pharma Products Trading

We bring together complimenting leaders in retail services to simplify logistics, improve efficiencies and deliver innovative end-to-end retail solutions.

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With one of the largest and most sophisticated structured finance and derivatives groups of any firm, DD Investment structures and negotiates a variety of complex structured finance and securitization transactions.

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