An Anti-Depressant Formulation

Recently, available treatment modalities of depression include meditation, group therapies and drugs exerting effects over serotonin metabolism, as medications. Tricyclic antidepressants has very severe side effects, such as severe mental disorders and irreversible tendency to suicide since they impair cyclic production of serotonin and they early exhaust limited serotonin production potential of body.


Another risk-bearing alternative, use of narcotic agents )such as amphetamine derivatives) generate positive outcomes in short term, but tolerance develops in short time and such agents lead to injury of dopaminergic system, and thus, in addition to side effects of tricyclic antidepressants mentioned above, they may cause to violence tendency and general aggressivity.

In conclusion, the need to a composition for using ginsenoside RG3 in treatment of depression and inadequacy of current solutions lead to the necessity to make a development in the technical field.

Inventors: Erdal Can Alkoçlar & Metehan Yeşil